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West of j : WUI : Features

  • Component Based (Reuse! Abstract!) Developers can use the library of components provided by the WUI, or create their own. Components can be utilized in many places within the same application, even on the same page. Each instance of a component maintains its own distinct state. The ability to reuse components and create abstractions simplifies the construction of large complex applications.
  • Single Language Developers can implement a web based application using a single language.
  • I18N The WUI library of components supports internationalization. Languages may be changed on the fly.
  • Transactional Tokens The WUI utilizes a transactional token to deal with the back-button issue.
  • Event Based The event handling mechanism of the WUI is identical to client side event handling mechanisms. This event based model is a proven and successful means of developing GUI applications. Coupling events to screen elements with the WUI is easy.
  • Minimal Namespace Issues Rather than having to create unique names and maintain them across multiple files and languages. The WUI utilizes a single Java language. Dependencies and errors are checked via the Java compiler and runtime, not during the execution of the application. Reduce your complexity!
  • Constants URL The WUI maintains a constant URL at the top of the page.
  • Tightly Coupled Client/Server The WUI tightly couples the generated HTML the client views to the representation of the view stored on the server. Each active element within the view utilizes a uniquely generated identifier to map back to the server side representation. This mapping is only valid for one submission. This architecture not only ensures that the client and server will be in synch, but also prevents a whole family of exploits (Secure!).